Begin your dream today

Becoming an Approved Provider

Do you have a dream of owning your own child care centre but not sure where to start. 

This course helps you learn and understand the steps you need to take to become an approved provider (owner of a child care). 

It gives you a good base grounding to understand the requirements and  your responsibilities.


This course is aimed to give you the confidence to begin to understand the National Quality Framework and your responsibilities within this. Some of the areas discussed in the course include the laws, regulations, national quality standards and approved learning frameworks. In your role as an approved provider there is a vast amount of information to learn, this course will ease you into the begining knowledge required, even if you don’t have a background or qualification in early childhood. 


This course has practice scenarios based on real situations. They will help you begin to use required documents and understand your role and responsibiliteis further. This will help you later in the operational stage and for giving you a good grounding of the National Quality Framework if you need to sit a test as a part of your application.


Handouts in relation to your responsibilites, These can be saved or printed.

Discover and Explore

Links to required and helpful documentation to allow you time to explore at your own pace. To utilise these documents with course scenarios to support you to understand the documents further.


Activities to help you get started to creating a vision and a mission in line with the best interest of the child. This will be the essence of all that you do when you are later operating your service.