Update your skills and knowledge today

Child Protection Refresher

Update your knowledge and skills today in how to identify and respond to children at risk of harm. Allowing the participant to learn at their own pace. 


Our course allows participants to complete the course at their own pace online. There are different features that allow the participant to print the materials and collate them into a book or electronic file. The course utilises icons as seen below to help students navigate the materials. 


The course has handouts that can be printed or saved and referred to if needed in their role as mandatory reporters.

Explore and Discover

There are links to information for further learning and familiarisation.

Watch and Listen

The watch and listen activities allow participants to view scenarios and practice identifying and responding to risk of harm using the Mandatory Reporters Guide. Theres are also videos to spark thinking.

Brainstorm Activities

These are reflective activities to help individuals reflect on the content, their knowledge, skills and attitude and to support evidence of self assessment.

Student Reviews

"Even though this course was online I felt like I was in a classroom. I have completed 4 refresher courses and this one kept me really engaged more than any others I have completed."
Nominated Supervisor
"Very detailed I really enjoyed it and I learnt things I hadn't learnt in my original child protection course."
"I haven't completed a child protection course but I now understand what my staff's roles and responsibilities are and mine as an owner of a service."
Approved Provider

Child Protection Refresher

Update your skills today